Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My experience

My trip started on 12th Feb and is supposed to end on 24th April. There were lots of good experiences. But, as usual, some bitter experiences were also associated with it. I would like to list down the bad experiences.

Trip was in two parts: 12th Feb to 14th March, and 18th March to 24th April , 2006.

12th Feb to 14th March, 2006:

  • At the morning, I got a call that my flight (Hyderabad - Delhi) was cancelled. I was supposed to catch connecting flight from Delhi on same day. Somehow, I managed to get ticket in other airline.
  • I forgot my wallet, credit cards, FOREX, AT&T card at room and headed to airport. On the way, I realized and came back to pick them up. Otherwise, I would have been f***ed up.
  • My flight got delayed, and I had to spend 6 hours at Hyderabad airport. I reached international terminal late. Thanks to American Airlines staffs, they allowed me to enter at last moment. I dont remember any one of their name except "MEHEK". She was a good looking girl (a very strong reason to memorize her name).
  • US immigration officer did not like my face and stamped my passport, putting the date 12th March, 2006. That means, I had to change my return ticket date which was scheduled for 14th March, 2006. I shorten my trip by 3 days.
  • During US stay, my laptop's hard disk got crashed. I was literally disconnected from rest of the world for 2 days.
  • While coming back, my flight from Delhi to Hyderabad was delayed. Spending time at airport really sucks.

18th March to 24th April, 2006:

  • History repeats. Second trip started in a similar fashion. Flight was delayed and reached the international terminal late. I was quite sure, American airlines staffs would help me, again. This time, I was not that lucky. They refused to allow me and had given me option to rebook the ticket for next day. I met "MEHEK" again, but I was more worried about my night stay. Missing a flight is worse thing you can think of.
  • I did not have much balance in my cell to call anyone. Somehow, I called the cab and put myself safely into Hotel Hyatt. Next day, I got my flight and met "MEHEK" for third time.
  • During US stay, I was barred from withdrawing cash as I had already crossed my cash withdrawal limit for the credit card. I took loan from my friend.

My trip is still on and it will last for next 2 weeks. I wish, I do not need to add anything in the above list.

If I were "Chetan Bhagat", you would have been reading the third book by the time, titled something like "2 months @ United States" and I could have made some real Dollars.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moral of the story is stop flying AIR SAHARA ,
Review wearing sunglasses so that US immigration officers dont doubt you as terrorist :-),
And know your limits before spending....

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the stories..no more worries..Just remember MEHEK ;o)

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

abhi bhi time he ..sudhar jao

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hgwpd mtqk bsrfpq dtg

11:29 PM  

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